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Anna Sui

Anna Sui was born in August 4, 1964. She is an American fashion designer. Her luxury brand is being sold globally in America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her fragrance, clothing , cosmetic, eye-wear and accessories collections sell at Anna Sui stores in over 50 countries and are also globally distributed at leading department stores worldwide. Sui is well-known for her cheerful, vivid and colorful designs

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Girlish and Artsy - Anna Sui

Nevertheless impressive in both appearance and fragrances, this brand is dedicated to a very distinctive niche, covered by young girls. The designer - Anna Sui - has always put a special stress on the relation between diversity and identity. As such, her creations are always complicated enough to render a sense of open-mindedness, yet they also have something specific that makes them special. Same goes for these perfumes. If you want to try a particular aroma, make sure you read exactly the ingredients, because the differences between one product and another can be devastating.

Rock Me Live and Sui Love are two examples of perfumes advertised by Anna Sui. The special fragrances you will find in these bottles render a new level of joy and versatility in the lives of the young. The former is focused on sweet notes and on a feminine touch, whereas the latter uses jasmine, amber, and vanilla, to add mystery and avant-garde to the original concept. Irrespective of the variety you choose, you'll get a spectacular aroma and very elegant middle and low notes to complement the ensemble.

Bottles and boxes have never been as joyful as Anna Sui bottles are. Take Dolly Girl on the Beach for example, which features a strange, yet beautiful head of a young girl, or Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet displaying an equally elegant and charming face. Other bottles feature purses, flowers or butterflies to bring a sense of youth in your house. Also, remark the generous quantities and the capacious bottles that offer plenty of fragrance for an entire season or even more.

A special focus should be put on Anna Sui Night of Fancy collection. At an affordable price, you can purchase online or offline a shower gel, a body lotion and an eau de toilette, all of them focused on the same idea: that deep aromas shouldn't be limited to adults and that young girls should benefit from them too. Add a new level of sweetness and you get an exquisite combination of fantastic notes and special design. Let's just say that the peacock on the bottle is the perfect symbol for this collection.