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Animale fragrance house produces both perfumes for man and woman. The company's philosophy is creation of very strong and determined scent that help to feel even more confident. The idea of strength and aggressiveness is visible in the design of the flacons of Animale perfumes. The colors are aggressive too: red, orange and dark pink. These are the colors that reveal your deep passion. People that wear Animale perfumes know what they want form this life.

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Animale - Strong, Vivid, and Fully Natural

Structurally, this brand appeared in the field of contemporary perfumes at a time when few other brands focused on the insidious distinction between elegance and pure natural strength. It actually proves that raw elements (both in the design of the bottles and in the quality of the fragrances) can be integrated into an image that is both sophisticated and modern. It takes real art and a spectacular intuition to bring the difficult art of scents in this field, but Animale made it possible.

The concept behind Animale products can be associated to lightning: something very strong, firm, and determined, that can change your life in a moment; in other words, lightning is a sign of pure power, authority, control, and influence. This is visible in the design of Animale Women's Fragrance or in the deep aroma of Animale Temptation. The nature of these scents becomes visible once you associate it with avant-garde clothes and self-assertive looks. It's something between rigid elegance and versatile sophistication. It is worn by women, but it is always the case of women who know what they want in the world.

The same principle is marked in design. Featuring a stylized lightning or simple, minimalistic vertical lines, at a first glance the bottles and boxes seem dedicated to young men and women. However, they are equally suitable for middle-aged persons who know the distinction between discreet aromas and incisive tones. A second level of ethnic patters comes to complete the ensemble, thus suggesting that this brand is always open to new exotic solutions. To put it simple, Animale perfumes are designed for urban people who like the meaning of the word adventure.

If you really like this brand and you think you've tried them all, check the Animale Animale box. It features masculine scents for strong men and it has a particularly powerful impact on anybody who tries it for the first time. A bold combination of lime, lemon, jasmine, and nutmeg is what it takes to make the difference between a simple fragrance and a perfectly balanced perfume. Wear it at an evening party to add a sense of mystery to your appearance.