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Angel Schlesser

Angel Schlesser is a acclaimed Spanish designer, who created style in minimalism. In 2000 was created The first perfume of the house, called Angel Shlesser Femme. The designer Angel Schlesser has 14 fragrances. In 2000 the earliest edition was created and in 2011 the newest edition was created. Angel Schlesser perfumes were made in alliance with perfumers, like Nathalie Lorson, Jean Jacques, Jean Jacques, Thierry Wasser, Jean Jacques and Francis Deleamont.

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Angel Schlesser - The New Syntax of Contemporary Perfumes

Harsh, yet elegant, strong, yet fragile and delicate, these are all qualities one could assign to Angel Schlesser perfumes. This brand has made a name of its own once they started to advertise spectacular fragrances in very beautiful bottles. Continuously innovating themselves, they have become a milestone in the modern history of fragrances and aromas.

Take Esprit de Gingembre Femme, for example. There's nothing more refreshing than a new fragrance and this perfume puts all the stakes on ginger. However, creating an elegant aroma based on such a complicated scent as that of ginger is particularly difficult. It takes real art to transform the untamed nature of this plant and create this lovely fragrance. Same goes for Ambre Frais Homme, which is both incisive and sensual in all aspects. The more you come to understand the nature of Angel Schlesser perfumes, the more you understand that simplicity is probably the most difficult thing to achieve in this art.

The impressively elegant design of Angel Schlesser perfumes is based on three main ideas: pure lines are better than complicated patters; transparency is superior to opacity; and finesse is a matter of intuition. Once you fully understand this combination, you get the meaning of these boxes. Same goes for quantity, which is intuitively distributed to render the idea that large bottles can seem small and elegant.

Every single detail is essential when it comes to the perfumes advertised by Angel Schlesser: the light sophistication of the bottles, the complex feel of the fragrances, and the delicate nature of the appearance itself, they are all part of a great ensemble that continues to astonish individuals worldwide. Essential for women is probably the best example from this perspective: it encompasses high notes of bergamot and black currant, but it also adds levels of violet and peony in order to create a very complicated aroma. Deep musk, freesia, and sandalwood are also present to add a sense of intuitive sophistication and distinction to this already superb bouquet. And somehow, all these fragrances are visible through the transparent appearance of the bottle.