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American Crew

American Crew continues to be a leader in the men's grooming industry. The company is passionately committed to men's grooming and its purpose is to attract men to the salons and give them a new experience. Also the company wants to show men new ways of integrating styles into their everyday lives When in '80s the local neighborhood barbers disappeared, the salons have occurred in '90s and they were created for women. American Crew wants to change this tradition and to meet the expectations of contemporary men, that are concerned with their appearance too.

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Get Your Haircut Right with American Crew

From all the brands on the market specifically focused on hair care, American Crew has distinguished itself as one of the most prominent in terms of professionalism, tradition, and innovation. It features many avant-garde products that are equally loved by regular customers and professionals around the world. Do you want a smashing appearance at the next beach party or an elegant look at a business meeting downtown? In any of these cases, American Crew has the right solution for you.

From hair pastes, after shaves, hair waxes, to shampoos and pomades, American Crew has got them all. Take, for example, Grooming Cream to experience the true nature of hair styling. Or try the innovative Shine Tonic for a perfect mix of shapes and fragrances. The wide range of products by American Crew can easily compete with the most important brands on the market.

Simple and effective, the design of the American Crew recipients is focused on portability and usability. They are very easy to carry and hold, and fit just as well in the hands of men as they do in the hands of women. Even so, style has always been important for this company. You don't get just a simple bottle of shampoo; you get a perfectly balanced design, with elegant contours to create a distinctive appearance in your bathroom, bedroom or salon.

The philosophy of the founder and creative director of American Crew - David Raccuglia - is that innovation is the key element to evolution. New settings, new trends, and new styles are always essential if you're looking to redefine yourself and to rebrand your personality. To this, one should add small prices and quality ingredients so that products are available for every single man, irrespective of social condition or place of origin. Buy these products online and take advantage of great offers and discounts, usually associated to this brand. From this perspective, American Crew is an unsettling example of how style and professionalism can reach just about anybody. And don't forget: each type of hair has its own advantages and disadvantages; American Crew does its best to redefine hair care and help you live an elegant and healthy life.