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Alyssa Ashley

In USA, during the fabulous sixties the brand Alyssa Ashley was born. The brand was created by a contemporary artist, who was a big dreamer and a master of contemporary art. He dedicated a lot of his time and energy to his passion for the world of scents. The design of the flacons and packaging were considered as an revelation of modern art. The company was named after his youngest daughter - Alyssa Ashley. This is how Alyssa Ashley company was born. Alyssa Ashley became a new field in the perfumes niche, because the innovative and technically advanced perfumes were created and they were different from the ones that were in the marker at that time. The perfumes were targeted for the young audience.

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Musk, Vanilla, and Elegance: Alyssa Ashley

There are few brands on the market that focus their attention on one single high note. Even if marketing techniques consider this a mistake, putting all the stakes on one aroma may prove extremely efficient if the recipe is right. Alyssa Ashley perfumes are an excellent example of such an elegant option. As such, these varieties are sometimes the perfect choice for a romantic evening.

Be it musk, green tea or vanilla, there's always one dominant note in these fragrances. Trying to determine which is better than which, you come to the point where you learn the secret of sophistication, which is that variety is always preferable if you're looking to impress somebody or if you want to find the perfect scent to accessorize your personality, your style, or your mood. Alyssa Ashley White Musk, for example, is a superb blend of musk and soft flowery notes, which is best suitable for romantic evenings. Green tea, on the other hand, is an exquisite option for a day out at the mall.

The design of Alyssa Ashley perfumes is unisex, even if some fragrances are specifically advertised for women. Combining discreet minimalism with classic appearance and distinction, they impress through a very strong sense of difference and distinction. As for quantity, considering the affordable price you get enough perfume to take you to the next season. Even so, the bottles don't seem particularly large, and fit just as well in a purse as they do in a business bag. Bottles are elegant and slim, with superb fonts that bring a new sense of balance to the ensemble.

Apart from its minimalistic collections, Alyssa Ashley is a brand that also focuses on fragrances created especially for young women. Fizzy (blue or pink) is such a fragrance. In this case, there's a very solid distinction between the sweetness of the high notes and the discretion of the middle and low notes in order to create a superb combination of softness and joyfulness. In either of these cases, this brand is the perfect example of how mixing few aromas can lead to a very distinctive perfume.