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Almay was founded in 1930. Since then the company has been always helping women feel and look their best with the most flattering shades and shimmer of the cosmetics - all the time remaining true to its traditions of using natural, hypoallergenic ingredients. In 1930, Almay was one of the first cosmetics companies that was not using strong pigments and powerful chemicals in their products. Fanny May was the one who decided to not let the harmful cosmetics to be the only one option in the beauty industry. She asked her husband, Alfred, who was a professional chemist to invent harmless cosmetics and this is how Almay company was founded.

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Colors at a Glance - Almay

Light and discreet, this brand has never been the first, but, ever since 1931, it has always managed to keep a position as one of the most important and controversial brands of cosmetics in the world with respect to sensitive skin. As such, this brand is focused on producing high quality products dedicated to young women who like to take care of the smoothness of their complexion.

No product sold by Almay will ever affect the quality of your skin. On the contrary, most of them, even if they have been intended for aesthetic purposes, help maintain the right balance at the skin level and render a perfect appearance, irrespective of age and personal style. The Hypo-Allergenic Eye Makeup Remover Pads, for example, are great for women who use a lot of makeup and need an intuitive cleansing solution; Ideal Lipgloss, on the other side, brings a new level of sophistication to your lips whilst maintaining them smooth and healthy. Thus, if you use Almay, you will never get in the position where one particular beauty product would imbalance the quality and the wellbeing of your skin.

Intuitive to the point where you won't be able to get used to a different product afterwards, Almay items are always easy to use and portable. Small bottles carrying lip brushes or eye makeup removers are the perfect solution if you're in a hurry and need something effective to take care of your sensitive skin. They are elegant and jolly and extremely suitable for young urban women.

A particular characteristic of all Almay products is that they completely lack scents. Moreover, when combined with fragrances, colognes or perfumes, they don't tend to modify the scent. This is very important when you travel and you need something fast to reconfigure your makeup, but don't want your scent to be altered in any way. Being fragrance-free, they can be equally enjoyed by any woman out there. Add the exceptional price of these products and you get a perfectly appropriate solution for your skin care. Ultimately, it's the health of your skin that matters most and Almay makes this thing possible.