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Alfred Sung

Alfred Sung is a Canadian fashion designer, that produces apparel, fragrance, accessories and home fashions for women and men. The Alfred Sung brand had gained great fame in North America for its special style. In 1986 through Riviera Concepts the line of Perfumes Alfred Sung has started and Alfred Sung brand switched its profile and status by becoming a well-known fragrance brand. His first ladie's perfume, called Sung by Alfred Sung was launched in 1986. Later the company was followed by numerous successful launches, which includes SHI Alfred Sung in 2001 and Alfred Sung Paradise in 2003. A new signature fragrance, named Jewel Alfred Sung was launched in 2005. Alfred Sung fragrances still remains popular and successful in North American regions.

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Perfect Fragrances and Impeccable Design: Alfred Sung

Balance, classicism, order, minimalism, and sophistication are words often associated to Alfred Sung perfumes. Dedicated to high quality fragrances, this brand has gained international reputation after advertising elegant bottles bearing very different, yet consistent scents. In time, the name has become a synonym to diversity, elegance, and style.

The minimalistic touch of the Hei and Shi bottles is a good example of the conceptual options of Alfred Sung. Just like in fashion design, fragrances are a true mirror of your personality and mood. Getting the right fragrance may prove as complicated and difficult as finding the right dress. This is why Alfred Sung perfumes have just a few high notes. Bouquets are usually an intuitive combination of a two main ingredients, discreetly infused in secondary aromas.

The real quality of these products becomes obvious once you hold in your hands one of their spectacular bottles. Designed to render elegance and tradition, they usually feature one single idea (a drop, a block of ice, etc.), just to keep it simple and effective. Take Jewel, for example, which is a great example of a feminine feel and luxury in a diamond-like bottle; or Sung Paradise, suggesting both freshness and exotic lands. These mixtures of sublime fragrances and perfectly calibrated design are the real nature of Alfred Sung perfumes. Never underestimate the power of image when it comes to fragrances and to the art of creating a perfect perfume.

The minimal look of Alfred Sung perfumes is but one of their many benefits. Another important benefit is the price, which is usually lower than that of other, similar perfumes. If you buy online, you can get even a better deal, especially if you're looking to pursue more than one fragrance at one. Sales are also possible, but make sure you choose a convenient shipping option to reduce the overall costs. Once you get your bottles, test them. You must wear one a day (no more) and alternate them to see which one is best for you. Even if every bottle is large enough to cover an entire season, you can always order more bottles, to make sure you won't be out of your favorite scent.