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Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill is a very famous and successful British-based company, that are experts in men's fashion and beauty industry. The company produces luxury leather accessories, fragrances, fashionable clothing. The business was started by Alfred Dunhill in 1967. Also the company has developed the line for automobiles accessories named "Dunhill's Motorities".

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Alfred Dunhill - Where Elegance Meets British Innovation

Ever considered why most fragrances for men are advertised in minimalistic bottles? One of the companies that influenced this reality is Dunhill; their superb combinations of quality products and intelligent design have gained them a long-lasting reputation in the whole world. Thus, fragrances from Alfred Dunhill are both sophisticated and simple and are suitable for just about any man who likes to take care of his image.

Each fragrance by Alfred Dunhill suggests one essential aspect of a man living in today's realities: desire, purity, freshness, pursuit - each one determines us to a certain extent. Wearing them alternatively is a must if you want to give the impression of a cultured man; mixing them, on the other side, is an art.

The bergamot and orange flower notes of Desire Blue, the suede and guaiac hints of the Black variety or the discreet low notes of Lotus leaves and water iris found in Pure offer a wide range of solutions for just about any contemporary man. Blended in superbly refined bottles that add a new level of elegance to your bathroom or bedroom, these scents are the perfect solution if you're looking to buy something fresh and elegant at the same time.

The good thing about the Alfred Dunhill fragrances is that you can get a suitable perfume for each and every occasion and still be on the cheap side. There are very few perfumes that really need expensive processes and Dunhill are not part of this category. On the contrary, the smart combination of ingredients makes them quite affordable for regular customers. For example, Dunhill Pursuit offers a spectacular blend of contrasting elements. High notes of cedar and sandalwood are put in a subtle contrast with orange leaves and pineapple hints. Middle notes of musk and amber come to complement the ensemble. The principle behind this product is expandable to any other Dunhill product: enjoy strong notes suitable for men, but spoil your body with delicate, soft, and fresh fragrances. The secret is actually simple: if you care for your manhood, make sure you leave a small place for sensitivity and style.