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Alfaparf Group is one of the first cosmetics companies, that has occurred on the Italian haircare niche in the world. Its owes of some international famous brands and more than 30 years. Alfaparf has devoted their service to haircare industry. Alfaparf remains a leading Italian multinational manufacturer of professional, exclusive hair color, hair care and styling products. The company has 2 international research laboratories with high-tech standards and avant-garde formulas.

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ALFAPARF - A Name as Old as Tradition

Different from other brands in the hair care industry through a very complex set of features, ALFAPARF is a prominent Italian brand that has gained in the past 20 years a very solid reputation in Europe and worldwide. Fully covering all the aspects related to shampoos, conditioners, hair care creams, etc., the company is one of the few producers on the market that are equally preferred by professionals and regular customers altogether. If you buy a product from ALFAPARF, rest assured you're buying from the best.

There are six categories that comprise the products advertised by this Italian company: Color, Care, Form, Styling, Uomo, and Nature. Even if the principle is different from one category to another, each one is focused on one particular aspect related to hair condition. This is an important detail if you like to keep things organized or if you dislike all-in-one products. Buy a Nutri Seduction Luxury Mask if you want a full treatment for your hair, or enjoy the benefits of Semi Di Lino Cristalli Illuminating for a smooth feel. Don't limit yourself to a few products: each new addition in the catalogue is better than the previous one.

ALFAPARF products are easy to use and come in very comfortable and intuitive packages. Be it a bottle, a box or a tube, you can be sure it will be very easy to use and will provide sufficient quantity for a regular treatment. Please note that the brand is dedicated to providing a well-balanced mixture of active ingredients and lovely scents to make increase the potential of the products and your comfort.

As a side note, keep in mind that ALFAPARF have two professional labs, five proprietary plants, and over twenty commercial branches worldwide. This means that you really get what they advertise. When the production process and the commercial networks are interconnected, the quality of the original product is well preserved, the price is better, and the opportunity of sales is higher. For example, if you purchase Linea Salone Rigen Nourishing Cream, you don't have to spend a lot of money, and you still get a perfect combination of excellent ingredients and superb softening effects on your hair.