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Alexandra De Markoff

The most famous Perfumes of Alexandra De Markoff, called Enigma, that was launched in 1972 and Alexandra, that was launched in 1979. Later on Regrets perfume was launched in 1994. and, the latest, No Regrets (1994). They are devoted to women and they all render a real sense of sophistication. The perfumes suits women at any ages. The perfumes are soft touch of a gentleness, combination of elegance and sensuality.

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Alexandra de Markoff - Innumerable Fragrances in Just a Few Bottles

Soft and irrecoverable, the fragrances and notes advertised by this brand are generally dedicated to young, urban women or to women who like the benefits of notes of distinction added to their appearance. Ever since 1972, when it was initially created, connoisseurs have associated Alexandra de Markoff perfumes with elegance and ultimate sophistication.

There are three main fragrances from Alexandra de Markoff you can buy online or in local shops: Enigma (1972), Alexandra (1979), and, the latest, No Regrets (1994). They are dedicated to women and they all render a real sense of complexity. If you're a young women who likes the soft touch of a gentle perfume, wear Alexandra; if you prefer something discreet and incisive at the same time, try Enigma; finally, if you know how to combine an elegant outfit with a natural body posture, make sure you add a hint of style by covering the ensemble with a puff of No Regrets.

Apart from the finesse of these products, one should remark the superb design of the packages. Alexandra de Markoff perfumes combine glass with calligraphy and elegant papers and create superbly designed bottles and boxes. The bottles themselves are generous, but if you want to carry one in your purse, it's not impossible. On the contrary, just like style, portability is a key concept for this brand. Add the superb calligraphy on bottles and boxes and you get one of the most exquisite products on the market.

The original fragrance, Enigma, comes at a very affordable price considering the wide variety of top and middle notes associated to this scent. From coriander and allspice, to green grass, jasmine and carnation, Enigma tends to cover them all. Its peculiarity is a special blend of mysterious elements like bergamot, which makes it perfectly suitable for evening parties and, on the other side, fresh notes like patchouli and rose that render feelings of spring, joy, and youth. In fact, this combination of extremes is specific to any Alexandra de Markoff product, irrespective of its use. Ultimately, it's precisely this combination which renders a spectacular effect that lasts for an entire evening and even more.