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Alagio Professional hair care company, that is always inventing and developing haircare products for every type of hair. All the products are being tested at the spacial New York salons to ensure that the products are meeting the hight standards.
Alagio uses top quality nourishing ingredients to create conditioners, shampoos and styling products that are invented to help regenerate and restore damaged hair. The special Silk Protein Solution formula consists high quality natural ingredients and original silk technology. Alagio styling products will help improve texture, of the hair and will enhance the shine, will help to manage demanding or not very demanding style.

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Alagio is a well-known brand of hair care products, with a special stress on health and beauty. Natural extracts and vitamins additions provide hair protection and restore hair softness, flexibility and vigor, while ensuring a hearty natural aspect to your hair.

Alagio products include superior shampoos, conditioners, hair care and hair styling items for both men and women. The admirable botanical perfumes and featured ingredients include watermelon, citrus, mango, cucumber, ginger, pineapple, guava, avocado, aloe, grapefruit, ginkgo biloba, rosemary, wild cherry bark, honey, wheat, almond, sunflower, and coconut oils. The main lines of products incorporate: Citrus Boost collection (with an emphasis on hair repair and volume), Crazy Curl collection (for curly hair), Hawaiian Nut collection (for daily use), Silk Obsession collection (based on a special Hydrolyzed Silk Protein formula), and Trend Starter collection (including pastes, pomades, waxes, gels and sprays to assist hair styling).

Alagio product packaging varies from one collection to another in terms of color and hue, while maintain the same recognizable tube shape of the bottles as a trademark. Only some of the Trend Starter products come in boxes. All packs have silky, soft, shiny, and glossy colors that help identify the distinct collections: the color of rosemary flowers for Citrus Boost, a blink pink cherry color for Crazy Curl, a creamy earth color for Hawaiian Nut, a memorable lime green color for Silk Obsession, and a combination of honey and a soft shade of Dodger blue for Trend Starter.

Alagio hair care and hair styling products are targeted to both men and women. Consumers who buy Alagio hair products appreciate the three guidelines of the Alagio concept revolving around the notions of perfume, texture, and color; the most interesting formula created by Alagio is their Silk Protein Solution: a principle and a technology specially created to achieve a fantastic silk effect. You can buy either individual products or gift sets including several products that belong to the same collection. Adding your favorite Alagio products to your shopping cart now and enjoy our bargain prices and excellent services meant to ensure you the best shopping experience at our e-store!