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Air Val International

Air-Val International house was the first one to create the niche market for children’s fragrances and cosmetics. It was founded in 1979 in Barcelona, Spain. After the cooperation with the Walt Disney Company, Air-Val International has become even more successful and it lasted over 25 years. The company now produces more than 200 references of Disney perfumes and has become the largest multinational "partner" in this category. Air Val International has vast experience in children’s fragrances and cosmetics, and it continues to add value and innovations, which is crucial for development of Air-Val International.

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A Mediterranean Sample: Air Val International Perfumes

Back in the eight decade of the last century, when it was first created, Air-Val International was a rather small Spanish brand; however, this is not the case anymore. Focused on fragrances and perfumes especially created for children, Air-Val International has become a name known worldwide for its spectacular blend of quality and excellent prices. In fact, we're talking about a set of products that are true ambassadors of the soft climate and scents found near the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to a prolific collaboration between this company and the Walt Disney Company, the brand is generally associated to products created for children and bearing Disney references. However, one should know that they also sell products for adults. Most of their fragrances, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean (considered unisex) or Precious Moments Kids Gift Set, have a superb design and a carefully chosen aroma that kids love, irrespective of context. At the same time, most of their products are dedicated to children and teenagers, with some exceptions targeted to young women who prefer a more girlish look and feel.

There are three important things associated to the aspect and the quantity of these products:

  • The designers behind each product have created bottles, containers, and vessels that match their reference to the detail.
  • The quantity is small, so that children and teenagers wouldn't have a problem in managing the product, yet there's plenty of fragrance in each bottle to last for a long time. This is particularly important if you want to use it on a daily basis.
  • There's a perfect match between the design of the bottle and pack and the quantity of the product inside. You won't get the feeling that you're dealing with a bucket of perfume, but you won't lose it in your purse either.

Air-Val International redefines the syntax of the perfumes and fragrances created for children. With a thorough understanding of the fact that the needs of the children are just as important, fragile, and diverse as those of adults, this brand has managed to create hundreds of different aromas for you to choose from. There's no girl or boy out there who won't find exactly the scent he or she likes best when choosing a perfume from Air-Val International.