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Agent Provocateur

Designer Agent Provocateur has developed 6 perfumes. In August 2000 the signature fragrance, that has the same name was launched. The earliest edition was created in 2000 and the newest is from 2011. Agent Provocateur fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Christian Provenzano and Azzi Glasser.

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Agent Provocateur and the French Meaning of Erotic Perfumes

Light and discreet, full of classic Romanticism and contemporary blends, Agent Provocateur has made a thorough reputation in the world of perfumes, even if people generally associate this brand to English lingerie. The name says it all: Agent Provocateur is a brand targeted to people who like the taste of adventure and living on the edge. Focused on luxury products, this brand offers a superb combination of style and distinction.

The discreet bouquet of the Agent Provocateur perfumes becomes obvious once it is given enough space to assert itself into the air. As such, the texture and the complicated aroma of these products are perfect for an evening out or for an urban party on an open-air terrace. With a high degree of adaptation, they can be worn by both young people and seniors. Still, you should note that this brand carries a sense of particular mystery that is always one step before you.

The Agent Provocateur perfumes come in elegant glass bottles that shouldn't be carried in your purse. Remember that this is not a cheap perfume you need to use every other hour to make sure it's obvious enough for those near you. On the contrary, use it wisely just before the evening time, and you'll benefit from a splendid concerto of scents for the entire night. For example, it is said that Agent Provocateur Maîtresse lasts until the next morning if the PH of your skin is not particularly alkaline.

This brand redefines the simplicity of an authentic blend of distinct elegance and adventure. As such, it is mainly preferred by sophisticated women who like to make a difference in their social life or by businesswomen who know what they want. The price of this perfume is moderate, but if you pay attention to online offers and discounts, you should be able to find the perfect quantity for you at affordable costs. Note that you don't need a large quantity if you only want your bottle to last for the next season. On the contrary, the smallest quantity available on the market will do the trick.