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Agadir International has been manufacturing an authentic Argan oil since 1964. Since than many new and exciting hair products has been developed, that made the company even more successful. The secret of the Agadir Hair Treatment Oil is Argan oil, which is being extracted from the nut of the Argan tree, that grows only in Morocco. That makes Argan Oil 100% pure and certified. The special designed polisher technology has enabled the company to form one of the most amazing, oil treatments ever, that makes dull and tangled hair silky and moisturized.

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Agadir - Redefining Moroccan Scents

The particularly wet and hot air of this Moroccan city has inspired the creators of Agadir to the point where they came up with a completely new concept: a set of products that take care of your hair and body by adding a sense of exotic distinction to the process. Bearing a minimalistic look and color scheme, this brand is mainly focused on the relation between quality essential oils and gentle special agents to recreate the feel of comfort and luxury right on your skin.

So what's the secret behind Agadir products? It is a tree, endemic to the Moroccan area, called Argan. For centuries now, the benefits of the Argan oil have become obvious and have been used in health care products locally and internationally. To mime the very nature of these spectacular seeds, the Agadir products have a special nutty, amber-like appearance. This will bring a new level of elegance and comfort in your bathroom.

Be it conditioner, shampoo, or hair care product, the Agadir products come in small brown bottles to preserve the idea of the original Argan oil they contain. The quantity of these products is not particularly generous (with shampoo bottles going up to 12 oz), but if you've decided to try this brand, it shouldn't be the quantity the one you should look for. On the contrary, Agadir is the perfect example of the saying that good things come in small packages.

A special thing about this brand, apart from the Argan oil, is that it features almost the entire range of hair-care products. So if you care about preserving the color of your hair, or the quality, or the volume of it, Agadir is there for you. And remember that, irrespective of the type of your purchase, be it online or at a local store, Agadir products are always a symbol of quality and they come at a cheap price. Try some of these products, if you haven't already, and you'll soon remark that the soft touch of the design is only matched by the tender texture of the Argan oil shampoos or by the milky feel of the hair oil.