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Adrienne Vittadini

Adrienne Vittadini is a distinguished American fashion designer. Adriene Vittadini started her company as a hobby and than its has transformed to multi-million dollar fashion business. The uniqueness of her work is dynamic colors and prints and she is also famous by her clothing, handbags, swimsuits, shoes, eyewear, and perfumes. Her company was sold to Retail Brand Alliance in 2001.

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Adrienne Vittadini - Flowers for Sophisticated Women

The title of this presentation is by no means a metaphor. Light and delicate, this brand was introduced back in 1994 as a special addition by the house of Adrienne Vittadini, a renowned contemporary American fashion designer. The aroma is based on a special mixture of floral scents and is perfectly suitable for young women who like to stand out from the crowd or for middle-aged ladies who want a twist of elegance added to their look.

If you've decided to buy the Adrienne Vittadini perfume, pay special attention to the incredibly complex aroma of this fragrance: both fresh and distinguished, it features oakmoss, freshly cut flowers, and sea breeze notes to create the perfect context for your brand new elegant outfit. Based on a complex transparence, the perfume itself suggests light tones or the floating air of a winter spring.

The bottle is small, but the quantity (90 ml) is quite effective and it should last for more than one season, if used on special occasions. In fact, the entire aspect of the packaging renders the idea that perfumes should be treasured and used in small and discreet quantities. This is equally true for the 1999 bottle, featuring a stronger, more firm design. In the end, it's not the quantity that is relevant, but the long lasting fragrance of the drop you apply behind your years.

Adrienne Vittadini remarked herself as a designer focused on the relation between comfort and elegance. When the perfumes of this house started to be sold on the market, this relation became obvious: there are few things as difficult to obtain as those involving a balanced contrast between two opposite things. The warm embrace of the flowery scents in this perfume matches its watery notes perfectly. As such, if you want to buy this product, you need to know that you should wear it in the daytime during the summer or early in the autumn. Once you get the feel of it, try the entire collection and experience this rare blend of different attributes. As a special note, Adrienne Vittadini is suitable for businesswomen who want to add a sense of fragility to their professional look.